Planeta de boieiros: culturas populares e educação de sensibilidade no imaginário do bumba-meu-boi. / Boiero planet: popular cultures and sensibility education in the bumba-meu-bois imaginary.




This research focuses on the study of the popular manifestation - the Bumbameu- boi Cycle in all of its stages - availing itself of Gaston Bachelards phenomenology of material imagination and Gilber Durands philosophy of image in a panorama of sensibility education. Through a descriptive ethnography shaped with new anthropological paradigms - of imagetic and subjective elements -, with data collected during ten years of participative observation in Maranhão state (field research) and São Paulo state (Cupuaçu Group, Querosene Hill) and having the mythological hermeneutics as a route. The analitic work intensifies myths in the imaginary route and reveals the popular phenomena in a dynamic and timeless nature. The accounts of popular cultures agents highlight the symbolic speeches and, together with the poetic-image description, conduct to the perception of experiencing the rituals and its practices, placing the elements of rite and its relations to the myths in the context of the anthropology of imaginary. The sensibility education, a medial, anthropological and symbolic practice, has influence in the interpersonal and generational relations, when conducting, updating and making myths more dynamic in an autonomous and ancestral way, acting upon previously provided elements of a centennial tradition. When actually inside the cycle, two educational paths are unfolded: through heredity and through initiation, highlighting the organization that those symbolic practices have, in a continuous line that appears in Maranhão and stretches to the city through the autonomous update accomplished by the cycle, strongly resonating and maintaining ancestral characteristics in its reinterpretation by the participants.


anthropology of imaginary popular culture education mitohermenêutica mythological hermeneutics mitohermenêutica educação bumba-meu-boi antropologia educacional bumba-meu-boi educational anthropology antropologia do imaginário culturas populares sensibility education popular cultures cultura popular educação de sensibilidade

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