Planejamento da expansão da geração de sistemas hidrotermicos de potencia, otimizando os usos multiplos da agua dos reservatorios




A substantial contribution to the development of generation expansion planninq for hydrothermal power systems is aimed at in this work. The possible multiple uses of the water from candidate hydro plant reservoirs are considered, employinq conversational techniques of multiobjective programminq. Initially, a modeling based on linear programming is presented for the hidrothermal power system exoansion problem. Then, some integer variables are introduced to represent the capital cost component that independs on the installed capacity of the candidate hydroplants. This refinement is fundamental in the modeling of large plants. Following, the peak power reserve reliability calculation and the identifications among critical period streamflow series and planning periods are introduced. The final model is applied to a Brazilian power system the optimal capacity schedulling of the new plants results. Taking into account the multiple uses of the water from candidate hydro plants, two objectives are defined: the rredium?term cost minimization of electric power qeneration and transmission and the net benefit maximization accaming from the multipurpose uses of the water from the hydro plant reservoirs included in the power system expansion olan. Two conversational multiobjective programming methods are used to solve the multipurpose problem. These methods are applied to a real study case, where besides the power generation, irrigation using the water from some candidate hydro plant reservoirs is also considered. From the resultes obtained, the performance comparison between these alternative methods is carried out


energia hidreletricas engenharia de sistemas

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