Pierre Bourdieu e o culto cristão : diálogo entre a sociologia de Pierre Bourdieu e o culto cristão : em busca de um conceito herético




This work tries to bring into dialogue the sociology of Pierre Bourdieu and his critique about the institutions, which symbolically provide and promote relations of domination, and Christian worship. The first chapter tries to group various concepts of Pierre Bourdieu around that what is called genesis of the relations of domination. After a small effort to approximate Bourdieu and theology, will be offered an idea, from scattered elements of his work, of the way in which social relations of domination arise and are reproduced. The relations of gender are presented as an example where will be verified the view of Bourdieu. After this, it will be pointed to the institutions that promote this process, indicated in his work: the family, church, school and State. The second chapter provides an approach to the life story of Pierre Bourdieu. It seems that his character bring him closer to theology. The concluding part of this chapter brings together elements of the work of Bourdieu that remain as a critical balance to be accounted for by theology. The third chapter brings aspects of the work of Pierre Bourdieu to Christian worship. In this way, the concept of performance is used. This is an attempt to build a bridge, which puts on the same line the critical reflection of Pierre Bourdieu and discussions on worship and liturgy. The final chapter focuses on gathering fundaments for a worship that is essentially refuter of a social order based on relations of domination. Seeks to provide an idea of worship that consciously take its socio-political aspect of building the society and use it in order to transform it into another, free of relations of domination.


teologia prÁtica domination pierre bourdieu teologia liturgia culto cristão poder simbólico liturgy dominação christian worship symbolic power pierre bourdieu

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