Physiographic characterization of the Antas River hydrographic basin, Poços de Caldas Plateau, MG / Caracterização fisiografica e avaliação hidrologica na bacia do Ribeirão das Antas, Planalto de Poços de Caldas, MG




The objective of this paper is to determine some physiographical parameters regarding the Antas River Basin, Poços de Caldas Plateau, presenting one set technical information essential to the water resources management. Hydrographic basin dimensional values are quantitative parameters that allow the elimination of certain subjectivity from basin characterization. Due to their speed and greater accuracy, geological, topographic and fracturing maps, images generated by the SRTM sensor, as well as some morphological features were incorporated and handled within a GIS environment (Geographic Information System). From this analysis of the physical characteristics it was possible to conclude that the volcanic nature of the region and alkaline rocks conferred the Plateau with particular geological and hydro geological characteristics, which characterize specific terrain features. Physiographical parameters such as: inclination level (Hypsometry and declivity), shape (massiveness coefficient - Kc and shape factor - Kf), as well as drainage system (density and standards) were enough to characterize the Antas River Basin, besides correlating the sub-basins as to their susceptibility to surface runoff and identification of areas more prone to flooding events


desenvolvimento sustentavel bacia hidrografica - poços de caldas (mg) - brasil sustainable development hydrographic basin water resources recursos hidricos

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