Physical evaluation of biodegradable films of calcium alginate plasticized with polyols


Braz. J. Chem. Eng.




The influence of different polyols as plasticizers of alginate films on their physical attributes like moisture content, soluble mass in water, water uptake, water vapor permeability, opacity and mechanical properties were determined and the results discussed based on scanning electron microscopy observations and glass transition temperature. The alginate films were obtained by casting, using three different gramatures. Calcium crosslinked and non-reticulated films were considered. The films plasticized with glycerol and xylitol were more hygroscopic than the films with mannitol. The lowest water vapor permeability values were found for films plasticized with mannitol, at all studied thicknesses. The films plasticized with glycerol and xylitol showed very similar functional attributes regarding their application as food wrappings. The Ca2+ crosslinked mannitol films showed the highest tensile strength at rupture (>140 MPa).

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