Physical and Mechanical Characterization of Artificial Stone with Marble Calcite Waste and Epoxy Resin


Mat. Res.




The incorporation of calcite marble waste in epoxy resin for the production of artificial stone can represent a technical-economical method and environmentally viable, reducing the amount of discarded residue in the environment, and adding economic value to marble waste and enabling the generation of jobs. The production of natural stone in Brazil recorded an exorbitant amount of waste generated in marble processing. Only 75% of marble taken from the deposits it becomes the finished product the rest is discarded. This study aimed to evaluate the mechanical and physical properties of produced artificial marble based in calcite marble waste and epoxy resin. The vacuum vibro compression was used for production as artificial marble and the specimens were cut according to standart NBR 15845. The results indicated that the artificial stones exhibit physical and mechanical results within the expected range for these kinds of materials. Artificial marble with a maximum flexural strength of 31,8 MPa, maximum compressive strength of 85,2 MPa, water absorption below 0.05% and a satisfactory adhesion between load and resin were obtained for the materials produced with 80% wt marble particles and 20% wt epoxy resin, enabling the development of an alternative material for civil construction applications.

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