Phragmalin Limonoids from Swietenia macrophylla and Their Antifeedant Assay against Mahogany Predator


J. Braz. Chem. Soc.




The purification of the hexanic extract from the leaves of a native variety of mahogany collected in Santarém (Pará, Brazil) afforded eight new phragmalin limonoids along with eight known compounds. This variety, according to field observations, should be considered resistant against the specialist insect Hypsipyla grandella, that attacks the terminal shoots only of juvenile mahogany and not of matured ones. After observing that four phragmalin limonoids were present just in mature leaves, we carried out two bioassays, one of them using a fraction from hexanic extract of mature leaves and another using a mix of four limonoids. The results of the bioassay using the isolated limonoids showed a direct effect on the larvae of H. grandella, suggesting that these limonoids act as inhibitors of larvae growth. This should be the reason why larvae choose the young leaves for their development.

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