Photosynthetic Assimilation of NO3− by Intact Cells of the Cyanobacterium Anacystis nidulans1: Influence of NO3− and NH4+ Assimilation on CO2 Fixation


Illuminated suspensions of Anacystis nidulans, supplied with saturating concentrations of CO2 evolved O2 at a greater rate when nitrate was simultaneously present. The extent of the stimulation of noncyclic electron flow induced by nitrate was dependent on light intensity, being maximal under light saturating conditions. Accordingly, nitrate depressed the rate of CO2 fixation at limiting but not at saturating light, this depression reflecting the competition between both processes for assimilatory power. In contrast, ammonium stimulated CO2 fixation at any light intensity assayed, the stimulation being dependent on the incorporation of ammonium to carbon skeletons. The positive effect of ammonium on CO2 fixation also appeared to occur when nitrate was the nitrogen source, since with either nitrogen source an increase in the incorporation of newly fixed carbon into acid-soluble metabolites took place. From these results, the in vivo partitioning of assimilatory power between photosynthetic nitrogen and carbon assimilation and the quantitative and qualitative effects of inorganic nitrogen assimilation on CO2 fixation are discussed.

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