Pharmacokinetics of ceftazidime in male and female volunteers.


The pharmacokinetic behavior of ceftazidime was assessed after single bolus intravenous injections of 1 g to 12 male and 12 female volunteers. The kinetic handling of the drug was essentially identical in the two sexes, exhibiting two-compartment model characteristics. However, the peripheral compartment volume of distribution of ceftazidime was smaller in the females (mean 3.95 liters, compared with 6.15 liters), and this was attributed to a smaller extracellular fluid volume. Eight volunteers in each group also received single 1-g doses of ceftazidime into the vastus lateralis and gluteus maximus muscles. The time to peak concentration was longer in the women, and it was longer after injection into the gluteus maximus in both sexes, presumably because of differences in local blood flow. The bioavailability of ceftazidime may have been slightly reduced by delays in absorption. Again, body and renal clearances were similar for both sexes when allowance was made for differences in distribution volume.

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