Pharmacokinetics and dose proportionality of cefmetazole in healthy young and elderly volunteers.


The pharmacokinetics and dose proportionality of cefmetazole were studied in 24 healthy volunteers (12 young and 12 elderly). Each volunteer received single 0.5-, 1-, and 2-g doses of cefmetazole administered intravenously over 5 min according to a three-way crossover design. Serial plasma and urine samples were collected over a 24-h period following dosing and assayed for cefmetazole by a high-performance liquid chromatography method. Results of the dose proportionality portion of the study indicated that cefmetazole pharmacokinetics are linear and proportional with dose in both age groups. Comparisons of pharmacokinetic parameters between the young and elderly groups indicated that the systemic clearance was significantly lower in elderly than in young volunteers (92.4 versus 112 ml/min). Additionally, creatinine clearance was significantly lower in elderly (74.1 ml/min) than in young (92.9 ml/min) subjects. No significant differences between age groups were observed for volume of distribution, urinary recovery, terminal half-life, nonrenal clearance, or renal clearance, although half-life was slightly prolonged in elderly volunteers relative to that in young volunteers (1.54 versus 1.34 h), and renal clearance was slightly lower in elderly than in young volunteers (83.7 versus 96.1 ml/min). Both systemic and renal clearance were significantly correlated with creatinine clearance. These results indicate that the observed age-related differences in the pharmacokinetics of cefmetazole are most likely due to differences in renal function between the two age groups. The small reduction in cefmetazole elimination in the elderly would not warrant dose adjustment in this population.

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