Pessoalidade e relaÃÃes humanas na docÃncia de carÃter tecnolÃgico / Personality and human beings relations in the teaching of technological character




The present study deals with personal and human relations of teachers at an institution of technological education. The theoretical references were based in the philosophical chains of existentialism and personalism, in order to understand who the person is and how she/he constructs its existence through the thought of Paul Ricoeur. To understand the teachers personal relations at an institution of technological education the research was based of Paulo Freireâs ideas. The dialogue, as a reflection of the personal relations becomes effective through the mentioned word. The objective of this research was to discover which are the âgenerating wordsâ which professors of Technology in Industrial Mechatronics and Technology in Institutional Communication courses use with their students. The methodology used was a survey with ninety four (94) professors and students of first and forth periods of the two courses. The words categories raised from the research had been: arrogance, ability technique, knowledge and transmission of the content, dialogue, indifference, respect. The rescue of personal and human relations of teachers at an institution of technological education is an essential necessity in the educative process.


teaching dialogue avaliaÃÃo profissional transmissÃo do conhecimento education personal relations ciencias sociais educaÃÃo - estudo e ensino technological education

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