Perspectivas de novos tratamentos para o carcinoma tireoidiano avançado


Revista do Colégio Brasileiro de Cirurgiões




In the treatment of thyroid cancer, the greatest problem existis in tumors that continue to grow or express recurrences, despite surgical, radioidine or t4 supressive therapies. Improved knowledge of the molecular biology of tumors showed that elevated expression of oncogeneses, uncontrolled ativation of tyrosine cinase receptors and their signaling pathways, and inibition of programmed apoptosis are all important factors in the origin and evolution of tumors and their metastasis. The development of therapies targeted against especific molecular deregulation envolved in tumor progression is now been evaluated, with sucess, in various types of cancer. In thyroid cancer, target therapies using drugs, antibodies, genes, and small molecules are in development in preclinical studies and show a potential role in the managment of thyroid cancer, in the future. In this review, some of these studies are discussed.

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