Perspectivas de historia y contexto cultural en la enseñanza de las ciencias: discusiones para los procesos de enseñanza y aprendizaje


Ciência & Educação (Bauru)




This paper attempts to socialize and provide feedback on certain thoughts that arise about the relationships between: the History of Science, and the Cultural Context of Science Teaching. Assumed as potential view points, which have a high potential for transforming teaching and learning. These reflections take on an inclusive character that is not limited to the training of teachers but extends to training in general in science. The work is divided into: 1. History of science, 2. Cultural context, 3. Science education and 4. Relationships between them. It does not assume that such reflections conclude such an approach, quite the contrary, it presents this as an invitation to the reader to think about teaching from a historical and cultural perspective and how this makes it possible to understand what this might mean for science education.

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