Permanências e mudanças na organização do trabalho escolar nas Geraes : uma análise do Programa Dinheiro Direto na Escola (PDDE) e do PDE- Escola


IBICT - Instituto Brasileiro de Informação em Ciência e Tecnologia




This work is linked to the Research Line: State, Politics and Management of the Post Graduation Program in Education at the Universidade Federal de Uberlândia and focuses on the comprehension of new forms of management and education regulation and its effect on the internal dynamics in the school, regarding school management, pedagogic and docent work. Its object is two federal programs in the educational area: The Direct Money Program in the School (DMPS) and the School Development Plan (SDP), to understand not only its outlines and basics, but also its implications in the school context. To do so, we have made a bibliographical review on the theme and an analysis of the official guidelines emitted by MEC and FNDE, which aimed to orient schools in the actions implementations. We have also made a field research with the public learning network professionals, directors, teachers and educational supervisors involved in the elaboration process of the SDPSchool in the respective institutions. We have analyzed the outlines of the educational politics implemented in Lulas government (2003-2010) and in Aécio Nevess government in Minas Gerais, during the same period; The Direct Money Program in the School (DMPS) and the School Development Plan (SDP) and its relationship with the school management, intending to identify the changes and permanences since the implementation; we have discussed the regulation concept and brought up this regulations effect in the educational practices politics, accomplished in the last decades of last century and in the beginning of this century. We have also reflected on the evaluation politics implemented by federal and Minas Gerais governments and their implications on the learning and teaching quality improvement. We have understood, by means of an empirical research, the effects of the new forms of education regulation on the internal dynamics at school, concerning school management, pedagogic work organization, docent work and school quality improvement. The results of this study have shown that a democratic management is not a reality in schools yet, since the conceptions of autonomy and participation that guide the management from analyzed actions are based on technical and operational principles; the centrality in the systemic evaluation and the performance culture orient planning, curricular organization and learning evaluation, and take to the schools responsibility and culpability; the emphasis on the results interfere in the teachers working conditions; the education quality view presented in the political rules and in the investigated subjects voices, seems to be coherent with the Regulator and Evaluator State principles, in which quality is a synonym of high evaluation indexes.


financiamento da educação gestão da educação avaliação educacao educação - financiamento educação e estado avaliação educacional escolas organização e administração education financing education management evaluation

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