Peritoneal Transfer of Thiamphenicol During Peritoneal Dialysis


The pharmacokinetics of thiamphenicol (TAP) was studied in 17 functionally anephric patients during peritoneal dialysis. Eleven patients were given single intramuscular injections of TAP in doses of 10 to 20 mg/kg of body weight. After this, serial blood samples and outflow dialysate collections were assayed for TAP by gas chromatography. The mean overall elimination rate constant was 0.036 ± 0.007/h, the serum half time was 8.4 h, and the apparent volume of distribution was 71.0% (±14.39%) of the body weight. These parameters were not significantly different from those determined in anephric patients not on dialysis. The mean recovery of the administered TAP doses in the pooled outflow dialysate was 7.7% (±2.76%) over 22 h. In six other patients TAP was added to the inflow dialysate in concentrations of 10 to 20 mg/liter for 22 h. Throughout the dialysis periods, serum TAP levels did not rise above 4 μg/ml in transfer of TAP.

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