Perfil clínico, laboratorial e epidemiológico de pacientes chagásicos idosos seguidos em um serviço de referência = : Clinical, laboratory and epidemiological profile of elderly chagasic patients followed in a reference service / Clinical, laboratory and epidemiological profile of elderly chagasic patients followed in a reference service


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Chagas disease, discovered by Carlos Chagas in 1909, is a disease caused by the protozoan Trypanosoma cruzi, which already had the track vector as their main mode of transmission. With the control of vector transmission, the incidence of new cases decreased, providing a change in the characteristics of the infected population. Currently, the chagasic population in Brazil is constituted mainly by patients with the chronic form of the disease. These individuals are aging and require appropriate clinical follow-up. The objectives were to evaluate the clinical, epidemiological and laboratory elderly patients with Chagas disease seen by the Study Group on Chagas Disease, Clinical Hospital of University of Campinas. The first step was carried out with an interview and collect blood sample for molecular and serological tests. Later, there were the clinical and serologic findings in medical records. The blood sample was subjected to DNA extraction and amplification of the nuclear region gene of the parasite. The data were treated statistically by BioEstat 5.0. There was no prevalence of gender. There was prevalence of elderly people aged between 60 and 69 years and cardiac form as the most common clinical presentation. Hypertension comorbidity was prevalent, especially in females. The drugs used were antihypertensive and diuretics. Polypharmacy was detected in 34% of the elderly Serologic testing was positive in 95% of the samples. In 36% of the samples was gene amplification. We conclude that the elderly assisted by GEDoCh are younger elderly, cardiac patients, hypertensive use drugs, have antecedents for Chagas disease and serological tests are mostly reactive.


idosos chagas doença de reação em cadeia da polimerase elderly chagas disease polymerase chain reaction

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