Perdas colisionais devido ao processo de mudança de estrutura fina em uma armadilha magneto-óptica de rubídio / Fine structure changing collisional losses in a rubidium magneto-optical trap




We report the observation of trap-loss collisional rates due to fine structure changing collisions between cold and trapped 85Rb atoms. We have measured, by photoionization of the atomic fragments in 5P1/2 state originated in these collisions, the rates through the atoms leave the trap induced by this loss mechanism. We carried out experiments to determine the rate dependence with the intensity of the trapping laser, and with the frequency, using the catalisys technique. We also measured the contribution of this process to the total trap-loss rate and determined that fine structure changing is not the dominant loss mechanism. It was also observed that the hyperfine structure plays an important role in the rate behavior. We compared our results with those given by a semiclassical theoretical approach, the Gallagher-Pritchard model, and some disagreements were observed. We proposed some arguments to explain these discrepancies. We believe that such results should stimulate theoretical work on this field.


armadilha magneto-óptica trap-loss rubídio fine structure changing magneto-optical trap rubidium mudança de estrutura fina

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