Percepções de professores de matemática do ensino médio sobre o projeto São Paulo faz Escola: um estudo em duas escolas de uma cidade da grande São Paulo




This work aims at verifying the feelings some high school teachers (Ensino Médio) in the state of São Paulo, Brazil, had regarding the Project São Paulo faz escola, objecting fundamentally what they reveal about its implementation process. The central issues of the research are what they point out about the curricular proposal the project contains; if they declare whether any important change of approaching Mathematics items have occurred; is so, what they state about these changes; the difficulties and dilemmas they identify during the project implementation. The research subjects were five Mathematics teachers who work in two different state high schools in a relative small town near the capital city São Paulo. A qualitative approach was applied with a semi structured interview as a tool for collecting data. These were examined following Content Analysis Procedures, as preconized by Franco (2008). A survey of the guiding vectors of the State Proposal was also built up, in order to theoretically sustain the research. So, this study was supported by the analyses of Zibas, Ferreti, Tartuce, Tenti Fanfani, Almandoz &Vitar, Abramovay &Castro with the purpose of dealing with relevant and specific issues of the teaching in Brazilian high schools; by the analyses of Gimeno Sacristan e Pires to discuss some curriculum items; and by Huberman to examine some aspects of the different phases of a teachers career. These educators reveal their winsome acceptance towards the material they received, although there is no clear evidence of its appropriation in their daily routine. Their surprise at the material arrival, the short time they had for deeper and further discussion, some errors they identified in the received material, the short amount of classes they had to suitably develop the material in class, and mainly the difficulties the students showed with the contents organization were the main factors to make their work quite complicated, at least pointed out by these teachers. On the other hand, all of them agreed that the place where the meetings occurred for the discussion of the material they received the HTPC (Hora de Trabalho Pedagógico Coletivo) was ideal and quite positive as a privileged locus for the analysis and study of the contextualization of the exercises proposed by the Project


mathematics matematica proposta curricular high school matematica (ensino medio) -- estudo e ensino professores de matematica sao paulo faz escola curricular proposal

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