Percepção de risco no trânsito de motociclistas na área central de Campo Grande, MS




This study has the objective to analyse on the perception of risk of motorcyclists present in the central region of Campo Grande, MS. It is known that so many traffic accidents involving motorcycles, often leading the rankings of some States, including fatalities. The shortage and the need to learn how to think and act as these drivers, make the study proves its importance. Apart from that it is essential to emphasize that the number of motorcycles in creases each year, as well as accidents in which they involve. The very characteristic, often playful, this vehicle, makes the risk of the use as well as the attitudes taken, print a character more emergency the need to know about the behaviour of motorcyclists. Mainly because the motorcycle has become addition to a vehicle of greater affordability, also a working tool . 311 motorcyclists participated in this study in order to find out some attitudes of risk taken by them to trafegarem the city. The answers were harvested in the central region of the city, with a proportion of 88.7% of men and 11.3% of women. The questions have referred to some actions they could take in traffic. It is concluded that the profile obtained is formed by a majority male, aged 18 to 25 years, who use the motorcycle for more than three years and use as a means of transport between home and work, mainly. And in general the main conclusions were men were more likely than women, and more younger people with older; 83.3% of the motorcy clists over 45 years have not been involved in an accident involving motorcycles, the less Experts are more bold that with more time to use the motorcycle and what has become clear is that the vast majority of the surveyed states act in a more properly than to make the streets, the rate of accidents with high extremante be motocilistas, which suggests that people sabotaging his own conscience claiming to be more cautious than they are in reality


trânsito behavior of risk. psicologia transit attitude motociclista motocyclist motociclistas acidentes de trânsito; segurança de trânsito ; trânsito urbano aspectos psicológicos risk perception risco. percepção

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