Percepção ambiental dos gestores de meios de hospedagem: estudo de caso em Caxias do Sul-RS




The objective of this study is to verify the environmental perception of the managers of lodging establishments in Caxias do Sul (RS), regarding environmental quality and its importance in the operationalization of their own activities. A structured interview based on a script of 44 questions applied to 21 people (lodging establishment managers) was the technique used for data collection. Results show that 76.19% of interviewees revealed to be uninformed about management of environmental practices in lodging establishments and also general matters related to environmental issues. It is also possible to identifya direct relationship between general knowledge and education of the interviewees. Results have lead to the identification of gaps in teaching programs and in environmental management in the areas of Tourism and Hotel Management, regarding environmental responsibility, acknowledgementand complying with environmental laws. It was also possible to identify the relationship between environmental perception and conduct intentions from managers of lodging establishments. In synthesis, in order to these managers have an effective environmental perception, we propose an update on Tourism and Hotel Management courses with the insertion of environmental aspects, as well asinterventions concerning sensibilization activities to guests and staff, information regarding environmental legislation, responsibility to hotel activities relating to its environmental impact and tourism planning, taking into consideration the environment variable.


lodging establishments environmental perception turismo planning and management planejamento e gestão meios de hospedagem percepção ambiental gestão ambiental caxias of sul (rs) caxias do sul (rs) tourism

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