Pedagogia Hospitalar: Concepções de profissionais sobre as práticas educativas e pedagógicas no ambiente hospitalar Curitiba




The previous research direction of this dissertation was as follows: How are the pedagogic practices developed on children and teenagers in hospital environment?Aiming to investigate the educational and pedagogical practices developed in Curitiba hospitals, and to describe a brief history of hospital pedagogy in this capital,the theories and thoughts of Paulo Freire, Michael Foucalt, Edgar Morin,Graça Carapinheiro,Polailo-Lorente,Ercília de Paula, Mourice Tradif, Elizete Lúcia Moreira Matos e Margarida Maria Teixeira de Freitas Muggiati, among others, were taken into perspective.It was necessary to search for authors from two fields, education and health, so that the goals could be reached. It is shown here the theories and theoreticians who investigate about pedagogic and educative practices. It rises concepts related to health, disease , and the origin of myths connected to hospitals. Discussing the practice of Education professionals in the hospital environment, would be very fragile without these references, because to think of the practice one needs to know where it is going to be developed and which are the elements and aspects that it contains. It is not possible to think of the pedagogical practice in the hospital without taking the myths and stigmas which surround this environment into consideration. This paper presents a brief historical panorama of the hospital pedagogy appearance both nationally and internationally. They are separated in category of analysis, the depositions of the professionals are presented as a way of giving value to their practices, because everyone signed an agreement. The text is established carefully about the theories and presented practices, building the necessary bond and pointing ways for the continuation of the studies and research related to this field.


pedagogia hospitalar atendimento pedagógico hospitalar. hospital pedagogy, pedagogical practice, educational practice, hospital pedagogical service. prática pedagógica prática educativa educacao

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