Patents on hospital medical and dental equipment (EMHO). Question and answer tool


Acta Cir. Bras.




Abstract Purpose: To create a question and answer tool on patents on EMHO. Methods: Was used the Thinking Design methodology divided into four phases: Discovery, Definition, Development and Delivery. Discovery Phase: Desk research was carried out in: SciELO, Pubmed, LILACS, Google and Google Scholar. Once the target audience was selected, the interviews were conducted. Definition Phase: the interviewees’ difficulties were mapped, on an Excel spreadsheet. Development Phase: a brainstorming was conducted with the public interviewed. Delivery Phase: the prototype, validation and final elaboration of the tool were made. Results: Discovery Phase: 10 inventors were identified and the interviews were carried out. Definition Phase: 80% of the interviewees determined lack of information as one of the problems. The main content was defined as: the patent process, from the beginning of the idea to the deposit (70%), search for precedence (40%) and informing partners (30%). Development Phase: with the brainstorming, the tool type was defined as an interactive site. Delivery Phase: a prototype with content framework and an interactive video was presented for validation. After approval, the interactive website was developed, which was made available to the public. Conclusion: A question and answer tool on patents in EMHO was developed.

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