ParticipaÃÃo popular e acesso à moradia: (as escolhas possÃveis para a populaÃÃo removida por intervenÃÃes de melhoria urbana do Prezeis)




This dissertation has as objective the relations and choices established by families removed due to interventions for urban improvement developed by PREZEIS and how those choices reflect the access to a new home for those families. Following this idea, interventions have been chosen in Asa Branca, Novo Prado e Vila EsperanÃa, starting from which the research could provide more details in the analysis, considering the relations between the State, community representatives and removed families. One of the objectives was to identify in which situation the population truly participate and which are the factors that influence the choices resulted in the process. The other objective was to observe which conditions are made available to provide access to a new home starting from those choices. Following the hypothesis that the shared process established by PREZEIS is not turning possible permanent choices for the removed population by interventions of urban improvement, it was possible to achieve some results. The fact of existing an administration planning system of interventions foreseen in the law system, with situations of discussion with the population, did not correspond to the creation of real opportunities of participation in many cases. This way, the choices became hardly restricted to the population, either because there are few opportunities, or because of implicit restrictions, resulting of socioeconomic conditioning factors or the precarious access to information and situations of public discussion and interaction. It was also possible to observe that the habitational solutions resulting of those choices, even being more appropriate to the majority of this population, did not respect the diversity of the existing situations and the aspects of being entitled to have a home


habitaÃÃo melhoria urbana geografia habitation prezeis. popular participation participaÃÃo popular prezeis urban improvement

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