ParticipaÃÃo dos usuÃrios nos serviÃos de saÃde: segmentos e instÃncias governamentais influenciam as percepÃÃes como conselheiros?




Encouragement toward community participation in health issues came about with the 8th National Health Conference held in 1986. This was a mark in history that was consolidated in the 1988Constitution and, later, with the Organic Laws of Health â no 8.080/90 and 8.142/90 â requiring the creation and functioning of Health Councils in all three realms of the government. The Health Councils are made up of government representatives, service sector professionals, health workers and beneficiaries. In accordance with legal norms, the Councils outline directives, approve health plans and monitor the movement of funds sent to the Health Secretaries. Furthermore, the Councils are responsible for making viable the insertion of beneficiaries as effective participants by way of mechanisms that facilitate their participation in the decision-making process. This participation makes beneficiaries responsible parties required to act in the formulation of health policies and control in the execution of these policies, including funding. Studies on the issue of social participation of beneficiaries, as well as on the Health Councils themselves, have been widely carried out, but few have sought out council members as to how they actually accomplish their participation. Thus, with the present qualitative research study, we sought to identify the knowledge and understanding of health council members from different segments in two municipal health councils in the cities of Cabo de Santo Agostinho and Camaragibe in the state of Pernambuco, Northeast Brazil, as well as in the National Health Council, in regards to social participation in health and its implications concerning definitions, legislation, obstacles, institutional and non-institutional mechanisms, as well as the perspective of health workers in regards to this participation. Thus, we believe that the present study makes possible the construction of knowledge on health council members


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