Parafusos de pilar utilizados em implantes dentários / Pillar screws used in dental implants




Due to the surge and success of bone integrated implants, dental implants have been consolidated as an important rehabilitation technique within the general context of dentistry. Functional force, bio-mechanical compatibility and tension transfer to the neighboring tissues are among the factors envolved in the line of dental implants. In this aspect, one of the main elements of a dental implant is the pillar screw that makes the connection between the pillar and the dental implant itself. Several cases of loosening and even fractures have been reported in literature. As to Brazilian implants there is still not a standard that can differentiate the systems in such a way the indicates a level of quality and efficacy. In this work, to facilitate a preview of the mechanical behavior and function of all these factors, considering the pressure involved, a tri-dimensional model of finite elements of a Brazilian dental implant was developed. The main objective was to numerically evaluate the pillar screw, the level of torque supported by the screw, the tension distribution and the possibility of tightening and un-tightening while considering external pressure on the implant. An analytical model to determine the distribution of tension and estimate the torque of tightening was proposed and validated as a numerical model. The numeric results were compared with the analytical formulations using a standard Brazilian implant manufactured by Conexão Sistemas de Prótese Ltda.


implantes dentários tensões materiais dentários finite elements parafusos de pilar engenharia mecanica dental implants stress elementos finitos implantações dentárias pillar screw

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