Paradoxo da pós-modernidade na dança: reflexões sobre o corpo e o espaço-tempo no produto coreográfico / Paradox of the post-modernity in dance: the concepts of body and space-time in the choreography product




The main object of this study is to present a research of the post-modern choreography result emphasizing the concept of body and the application of space-time. In addition to that, it aims, based on theoretical research, to investigate the influences of the breach of the Modern Science paradigms in the contemporaneous culture as well as in the post-modern dance considering the identification of its aesthetics principles of internationally representative and well-known dance groups. The observation in loco and the comparative critical analysis of recent presentations of Pina Bausch, La Última Vez group, DV-8 Phisical Theatre group, Elshoult &Händeler, Suzanne Linke, and other important European groups and choreographers confirms the correspondence of the holistic paradigm principles with the main characteristics of the aesthetics philosophy of the post-modern dance. As long as we know, in Brazil, there are just a few studies that aim to reflect on the post-modern dance considering its philosophical and cultural aspects. This study may contribute to the literature and research not only in the Federal University of Bahia but also in others universities in Brazil.


danca dance - science - aesthetics - culture - history dança - estética - história - ciência moderna - cultura contemporânea

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