Paradigmas em Kuhn: contexto, imagem e ação




This essay discusses the meaning of the term paradigm based on the literary composition of Thomas S. Kuhn: The Struture of Scientific Revolutions, published in 1962. The main objective limits it to find anwers for two basic questions: What is paradigm? and Why does the paradigm term got popular in the Human Science lecture? The research was done in the following way: the comprehension of Margaret Mastermans approach about paradigm concept, the proposal of a new perception form about paradigm concept and the investigation about the possibility of Kuhns text allows the use of this concept in other areas that are not the natural science area. The methodology used was the detailed reading of Kuhns text for analysing the authors arguments and ideas about the history and science philosophy. While researching was possible to outline an alternative of comprehension for the paradigm concept associated to the concepts of regular science, anomaly/crisis and scientific revolution. The characteristics of turns and rounds in Kuhns argument was explored as a text inhrent element and helped on the perception that the way the author exhibits his theory about history and science philosophy guides for that the thesis defended by him are transported to other knowlege areas. Kuhn focuses the scientist as the center of the approach he has about history and science philosophy, he considers the social and historical context as essencial elements on the science development and he uses exemples about forms of human perception as figure of speech for the approximation to the form that science is developed itself. Even if the conclusion has been that the use of the paradigm term in the context of the human science is not justified, because the term paradigm was used by Kuhn as an element that makes the difference between the researches that have been done on the natural science and the human0 science, the conclusion is also that the the reading of the The Structure of Scientific Revolution allows original toughts about Education, wich is the area that encouraged this reseach production


ciencia -- filosofia paradigm paradigma paradigmas (ciencias sociais) kuhn, thomas samuel -- 1922-1996 -- a estrutura das revolucoes cientificas -- critica e interpretacao filosofia

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