Padronização dos prontuarios utilizados por peritos odonto-legistas nos institutos medico-legais em procedimentos de identificação humana




The levei of complexity in the process to identify a human body can vary from the simplicity of seconds up to almost impossible identification. This degree of difficulty varies according the quality and quantity of information ante and postmortem collected by the forensic experts. A well defined and standardized line of action for this task can help a lot in the execution of the forensic team mission, especially when the body is in an advanced stage of decomposition or it is burned, fragmented or whenever there is a need to exchange dental data with agencies from different States. Based on this necessity, this job has analised the criteria and procedures used in routine identification by the forensic dentists in the Brasilian Forensic Institutes, and suggested a standardized protocol, which data can be introduced in a software that allows the register and comparison of ante and postmortem information. The research started verifying what States in Brazil have the Dental forensic expert, in order to request from them the most number of information on their examination procedures, professional conduct and investigation techniques. 10 of 14 States which confirmed that they have Dental forensic expert sent research material for this study. From these 10 States, 07 had useful information for this research. The comparative study was very useful for the process to analise differences between the many methodologies used by the professionals and to help in determining a stardardized procedure. It was evidenced that an exchange of information and data collection among ali the States would be very difficult due different terminology and odontograms, further on scarcity of data by many of the informants. The study ended with the compilation of ali the collected data in a broad system that can be used in a very easy and simply way in order to organize the application of the new methodology for identification of bodies proposed by this paper.


odontologia legal homem - identificação

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