Oxidative stability of soybean oil added to coffee husk extract (Coffea arabica L.) under accelerated storage conditions


Food Sci. Technol




Abstract Several plants have been studied as potential sources of natural antioxidants for use in the food industry, especially polyphenols. The aim of this study was to evaluate the effects of hydroalcoholic extract from coffee husk on the oxidative stability of soybean oil when stored in an oven. Samples were maintained at a temperature of 60 °C and their oxidative stability was evaluated once every 5 days for a period of 20 days through the Rancimat equipament and analysis of peroxide value, conjugated dienes and tocopherols retention. The oxidation rate in terms of mass gain was evaluated once every 24 hours for a period of 24 days. Although the antioxidant TBHQ showed a better efficiency in the inhibition of oxidation, coffee husk extract showed a synergistic effect when used with the synthetic, delaying the appearance of degradation products. In addition, the freeze-dried extract showed the ability to reduce the mass-gain rate when used alone as well as when used in combination with the synthetic antioxidant butyl hydroxyanisole (BHA), noting a synergistic effect on oxidative stability between the extract and the BHA. Therefore, coffee husk extract could be considered a source of natural antioxidants for synthetic antioxidants substitution.

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