Oxidation behavior of FeCr and FeCrY alloys coated with an aluminium based paint


Materials Research




A variety of metallic components rely on properties that are specific to the alloy and its surface. Coatings have been extensively used to protect metallic surfaces from the aggressive effects of the environment to which it is exposed. In this investigation, the high temperature oxidation behavior of a FeCr and a FeCrY alloy coated with an aluminium based paint has been studied. The objective was to form the more resistant alumina surface layer on an aluminium free alloy. Aluminium based paint coated and uncoated specimens of the two alloys were oxidized for up to 200 hours at 1000 °C in air. The oxidized specimens were examined in a scanning electron microscope coupled to an energy dispersive system and the surfaces were analyzed by X ray diffraction analysis. The aluminium based paint coating increased the oxidation resistance of the alloys, mainly over extended periods. The FeCrY alloy coated with the Al based paint exhibited the highest oxidation resistance.

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