Outer Membrane Proteins Omp10, Omp16, and Omp19 of Brucella spp. Are Lipoproteins


American Society for Microbiology


The deduced sequences of the Omp10, Omp16, and Omp19 outer membrane proteins of Brucella spp. contain a potential bacterial lipoprotein processing sequence. After extraction with Triton X-114, these three proteins partitioned into the detergent phase. Processing of the three proteins is inhibited by globomycin, a specific inhibitor of lipoprotein signal peptidase. The three proteins were radioimmunoprecipitated from [3H]palmitic acid-labeled Brucella abortus lysates with monoclonal antibodies. These results demonstrate that Omp10, Omp16, and Omp19 are lipoproteins.

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