Ouro Preto : a construção de uma cidade historica, 1891-1933 / Ouro Preto: the construction of a historical city, 1891-1933




This study intends to understand the historical process that lead Ouro Preto to the status of national heritage and historical city. Focusing on the period starting in the last decade of the nineteenth century until 1933 when the city became a Brazilian heritage, this study analyses the ways in which former Vila Rica acquired its historical category and which were the political factors and social and cultural values that contributed to the construction and definition of its image as a historical and artistic monument. After losing its condition of capital of Minas Gerais in the end of the nineteenth century and beginning of the twentieth, Ouro Preto is established as a historical city in the social imaginary, becoming a reference dear to the constitution of Brazilian identity and tradition


cities and towns monumentos cidades e vilas monuments history ouro preto (mg) patrimonio historico historical heritage

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