Otimização de pavimentos de edifícios com estruturas de concreto pré-moldado utilizando algoritmos genéticos / Floor optimization in precast concrete building using GA




The precast concrete structures are more modular and standardized than the cast in place concrete structures, therefore optimization techniques can improve economics gain because of series production. Among the optimization techniques in structural engineering design, genetic algorithms have been recognized as a trend. This work aims the floor precast concrete building optimization using GAs and minimizing the cost. The main goal of the work is to present a model to optimize the floor taking account of the structural, architectonics and constructive restrictions. The adopted model reached its purpose of the representing the more realist as possible the problem. The cost function considered not only the material consumption but the manufacture, transport and assembled stage. An integrated structural optimization is performed from the structural layout (columns position, directions and spans for beams and hollow cores) through the complete elements detailing (dimensions and reinforcement). The example results evidence the effectiveness of the formulation, they were very consistent with the design practice and they present the system application possibility like a decision support system that helps the engineer in the projects development. It was implemented a transgenic routine to improve the convergence and a twin routine to improve the variability of the population.


pavimentos de concreto pré-moldado otimização e algoritmos genéticos optimization and genetic algorithm floors in precast concrete

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