Osmotic flow through asymmetric membrane: A means for controlled delivery of drugs with varying solubility




A nondisintegrating, controlled release, asymmetric membrane capsular system of flurbiprofen was developed and evaluated for controlled release of the drug to overcome some of its side effects. Asymmetric membrane capsules were prepared using fabricated glass mold pins by phase inversion process. The effect of different formulation variables was studied based on 23 factorial design; namely, level of osmogen, membrane thickness, and level of pore former. Effects of polymer diffusibility and varying osmotic pressure on drug release were also studied. Membrane characterization by scanning electron microscopy showed an outer dense region with less pores and an inner porous region for the prepared asymmetric membrane. Differential scanning calorimetry studies showed no incompatibility between the drug and the excipients used in the study. In vitro release studies for all the prepared formulations were done (n=6). Statistical test (Dunnett multiple comparison test) was applied for in vitro drug release atP>.05. The best formulation closely corresponded to the extra design checkpoint formulation by a similarity (f2) value of 92.94. The drug release was independent of pH but dependent on the osmotic pressure of the dissolution medium. The release kinetics followed the Higuchi model and the mechanism of release was Fickian diffusion.

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