Os recursos da computação gráfica na elaboração de projetos / Graphic computer resources in the working up of projects




Information Technology provides a large range and its development is not only to improve memory and speed capacity but mainly to get the three basic principles of connection : sender, message and receiver. Interfaces have been optimized for users to add their possibilities of projects conceiving and to shorten the necessary time to acquire technical knowledge and handling abilities. Certainly, computer restrains thought streams and proceedings about it, so it has been invested in time and report for learning the instruction manual or tutorials, whether it is preferred. Due to this argument it becomes known that people are attached to several systems , then the aim of this project has restricted to a limited subject referring to learning of graphic design in the Architecture Course and Industrial Draw at FAAP - Fundação Armando Alvares Penteados Plastic Arts College. The claim was not to make a profound analysis in educational area in default of time to research about it more, but the most important is the advice to all graduated professionals, mainly the Architecture course ones, to keep aware about the large computer resources possibilities as a pedagogical tool to develop models, resulting in more time for researching.


cad systems recursos do cad sistema cad protótipo digital digital prototype cad resources

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