Os que vivem da arte da musica : Vila Rica, seculo XVIII / Those who lives by the art of music : Vila Rica, XVIII century




During the x-vIII century, in porrnguese America, the musical activity working to reinforce d1e representation of the emanation of monarchial power was largely in the hands of free musicians of colar; mainly after the middle of that century, these musicians, who possessed the indelible mark of slave ascendancy, domii1ated the profession-substituting social identification by colar and the juridical situation vis-à-vis slavery for an affirmation of identity that united color, condition, profession, etc. Trus study accompaníessome of those individuaIs with the intention of understanding the presence of free men of colar in spaces removed Eram slavery, emphasizing the pursuit of their own identity apart from both slaves and wrutes


irmandades musicians musicos forças armadas classes sociais - vila rica - historia minas gerais brotherhoods social classes mestizos mestiços armed forces

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