Os impactos da assimetria informacional no spread bancário




This paper aims to test the determinants of banking spread in panel of countries. Using the database of World Bank Survey Doing Business, we were able to construct proxies for the level of informational asymmetry in the markets. Our results suggest that markets with very low degree of asymmetry have on average lower spread from 2% to 4% per year compared to other markets. These results came from low risk interest rates, although it is supposed that larger reductions could be obtained for higher risk credit portfolios. This result is obtained from an econometric model and seems to be statically robust. However, new studies must be done before any final conclusion can be stated. Our sample has a very short time dimension and new tests must be done with this database as soon as more information becomes available.


assimetria informacional panel data administracao de empresas spread bancário dados em painel informational asymmetry banking spread

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