Os familiares e o desempenho na escolaridade de estudantes de camadas populares no Alto Vale do Itajaí




This research, conducted with the Research, Philosophy and Education Group EDUCOGITANS integrated to the Maters program of FURB, comprised the familiar involvement to deal with schooling inquiries of students belonging to a common social class. It allowed knowing the different strategies adopted by the families, and the mobilizations inside the family cycle, as ways to promote schooling to the children without higher obstacles. The research also enhanced the perspectives generated by the schooling to the idealization of future possibilities to improve life conditions and challenge facing to which they are submitted. The literature indicates that the larger the investment in cultural terms of families in practices of primary socialization, the higher the chances of the children to be well assimilated by the school. This can show how the school has difficulties to take over the common culture and, by consequence, establishes conditions and prerogatives of success in the proper scholar socialization. The objective of this study was to investigate the performance of family members in the schooling of common class students in the Médio and Alto Vale do Itajaí. The problem investigated had the following title: The way that family members of common class students from Médio and Alto Vale do Itajaí employ efforts to allow their children to take the best advantage of schooling. The methodology of this study comprised two specific stages. The first one was characterized by the utilization of the accumulated records during the fulfillment of the project The School Goes To Your Community in the city of Pouso Redondo SC, conducted between 1999 and 2006, in which the non-systematic research had the objective to investigate the way that the structure of the low income family from the rural area of Santa Catarina state dealt with the scholar difficulties of their family members. The second stage comprised a systematic research, conducted with four families that had children registered in the fifth grade of a public state school of the city of Indaial SC, to analyze issues that were investigated previously and that served as a comparison element to the analysis of the collected data. The confrontation between the two results showed that despite the geographic difference, behaviours, expectations and attitudes were very similar


família e escola educação e classes populares family and school family education educacao education and common social classes educação familiar comunidade e escola; pais e professores; educação popular

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