Os dicionarios juridicos e seus usuarios




This research is based on the interdisciplinary contact, that is, with the interrelationship between two fields of knowledge, Applied Linguistics, on one hand, and Law, on the other. A number of principIes and research interests of the first apply to the second based on the insights of Lexicography and the communicative function of language. Dictionaries of Law function as basic texts for the clarification of legal language used by lawyers, students of Law, judges, district attomeys, public prosecutors and law-enforcement officials. The purpose of this dissertation is to investigate the use of legal dictionaries on the part of university students enrolled in three different universities in the State of São Paulo as well as both teachers of Law and lawyers who resort to dictionaries in their work. First of alI, various legal dictionaries are analyzed with respect to the language used by their authors for the purpose of showing that first year law students in particular need dictionaries tailored to their linguistic and intellectual needs given the traumatic impact of their initial contact with legallanguage. This dissertation deals specifically with education of law students in the first two years of Law School and emphasizes the legal terms, definitions and explanations to be stressed in dictionaries designed and written for this group of people. We recommend in the course of the study that dictionary writers consider the intellectual levei, objectives and needs oftheir readers, particularly, first and second year students of Law. We also suggest that instructors ofLaw encourage the use of legal dictionaries in the classroom for the purpose of improving communication in legallanguage with both lawyers and non-Iawyers. Finally, in the course of this study, suggestions are presented for a more effective use of legal dictionaries as essential and critical tools for the reception and production of legal texts on the Part of students in Brazilian law schools and later on in !ife as future members of the legal profession


tecnologia - dicionarios direito - linguagem terminologia

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