Organic acids and hydrogen peroxide can replace chlorinated compounds as sanitizers on strawberries, cucumbers and rocket leaves


Food Sci. Technol




Abstract This work evaluated the effectiveness of 1 and 2% acetic and lactic acid, 3% hydrogen peroxide, 200 mg/L sodium hypochlorite and 200 mg/L sodium dichloroisocyanurate to reducing natural contaminants as well as Salmonella enterica Enteritidis inoculated on the surface of strawberries, cucumbers, and rocket leaves. The reduction of aerobic mesophilic and molds and yeasts was between 1.67 – 2.73 and 0.61 – 1.46 log CFU/g in strawberries, 1.48 – 2.19 and 1.02 – 2.01 log CFU/g on rocket leaves, and 1.10 – 2.08 and 0.88 – 1.58 log CFU/g in cucumbers, respectively. The most effective sanitizers for reducing Salmonella enterica Enteritidis in strawberries were 1% and 2% lactic acid, while in cucumbers and rocket leaves was the 2% lactic acid as well as the 3% hydrogen peroxide, for both samples. The results of this study clearly show the potential of the proposed strategies to replace chlorinated compounds in the sanitization step of fresh produce.

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