Optimization of potato starch gel formulation as green alternative of animal-sourced gelatin


Food Sci. Technol




Abstract This study was aimed at optimization of potato starch gel preparation process by response surface methodology and various process parameters were optimized for textural, gelation and sensory properties. 3D response surface and contour plots showed that independent variables, such as extraction time, extraction temperature and potato starch concentration significantly affected (p < 0.05) texture of potato starch gel. It was observed from RSM analysis that target responses regarding texture characteristics (hardness 1, hardness 2, springiness and chewiness) were significantly reliant on potato starch conc. followed by extraction time and temperature. To was found in range from 102.98 to 109.87 °C whereas, the mean To was maintained at 107.20 °C. It was evident from data of experimental runs that To showed relatively consistent tendency in majority of samples while, experimental runs no. 4 and 5 exhibited a maxima and minima of 109.87 °C and 102.98 °C, respectively. It was evident from To value that starch granules were subjected to degree of disintegration in its internal granules structure, and this disintegration led to polysaccharides release in surrounding medium.

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