Opinión del profesorado hacia proyectos colaborativos con Tecnologías de la Información y Comunicación: un estudio psicométrico


Educ. Pesqui.




Abstract At school, teachers are increasingly aware of the importance of adapting teaching and learning to the students's environment and reality, leading them to earn a series of basic skills for their daily tasks and their academic and professional future. One of the best ways is through Project Based Learning (PBL), a teaching methodology that has caught on in recent decades and is connected to the development of competencies that arouse students' interest in academic tasks. The aim of this work is to construct a questionnaire to evaluate the opinion of teachers in relation to collaborative projects using ICT (PROCOLTIC). The content was validated through the agreement and consensus of 18 experts. The questionnaire was applied to 310 teachers participating in some projects. The results obtained in the validation process generated an opinion scale with high levels of reliability and construct validity. We believe that these technical characteristics allow the use of the PROCOLTIC to evaluate the opinion of teachers on collaborative projects which utilize ICT in teaching and learning.

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