Operação urbana consorciada / Joint urban operation


IBICT - Instituto Brasileiro de Informação em Ciência e Tecnologia




Joint urban operation is an urban policy instrument introduced in the Brazilian legal system by the City Act. It is defined by urban intervention and land property market regulation and results in the execution of a flexible urban plan, in which there are benefits provided and returned, through public-private partnerships, and the participation of all interested citizens throughout the process. Its legal nature is that of a procedure, characterized as an urban enterprise due to its content. Foreign operations and other types of Brazilian operations have inspired the creation of this instrument. There are flaws which may hinder joint urban operations, especially their misuse of purpose and the uncurbed overvalue of the locations. But there are measures to impede the occurrence of these flaws, such as a proper delimitation of the operation area, small interventions and social interest works, and the encouragement of democratic management and control by the civil society.


city act direito urbanístico estatuto da cidade impactos ambientais joint urban operations política urbana urban operations urbanização

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