Operação Condor e o sequestro dos uruguaios nas ruas de um porto não muito alegre


IBICT - Instituto Brasileiro de Informação em Ciência e Tecnologia




This dissertation has for objective to analyze the factors that determined the historical peculiarity of the kidnapping of Uruguayans, in November 1978, in Porto Alegre city in mark of repressive connection between Brazil and Uruguay under coverage of Operation Condor. This analyze is divided into three chapters. The first chapter analyzes the context of the South Cone of Latin American in the 1960s and 1970s, when the deployment of civil-militaries dictatorships of National Security, as well as the beginning of the repressive connection from of the coup of State in Brazil. The formalization of Condor Operation, in 1975, qualify resize and up that experience for regional collaboration, reality until so, country by country. Even at this first time, identify and evaluate the main features of operating as well as performance Uruguay and Brazil within that framework. The second chapter specifically the kidnapping of Uruguayans in Porto Alegre, since its planning in Uruguay until its execution in the state capital. It analyzes the attempt to organize a relative Uruguayan resistance in Rio Grande do Sul, in the final 1970s, theirs links with the Brazilian opposition and, consequently, the repressive actions joint of the DOPS / RS and Compañia de Contrainformaciones. These repressive structures were the face of regional TDE against Lilián, Universindo, Camilo and Francesca. Also in Chapter 2, point out and dissect the so-called diversionary hoaxes created to confuse public opinion, to manipulate the information and to make impossible the investigation and accountability of officers and officials authority involved in the kidnapping. Finally, the third chapter analyzes the implications of the kidnapping in Porto Alegre and bring out the crucial highlight of the press, of the OAB-RS, of the Legislature and of theMJDH, generating an unprecedented climate, until then, of offensive of democratic sectors join to public opinion and against the repressive politics of silence or misrepresentation of dictatorships involved. The chapter covers, finally, the moment of accountability of the Brazilian State face a crime against humanity.


condor operation celiberti, lilián kidnapping of the uruguayans díaz, universindo rodríguez operação condor repressive connection brazil / uruguay ditadura militar sequestro político porto alegre city repressão política exílio político resistência politica relações exteriores política interna política externa brasil uruguai porto alegre (rs)

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