On the Strengthening of Cement Mortar by Natural Fibers


Mat. Res.




The purpose of this work is to evaluate mechanical behavior of sisal fiber reinforced cement mortar. The composite material was produced from a mixture of sand, cement and water. Sisal fibers were added to the mixture in two different lengths. Mechanical characterization of the composite and the plain mortar was carried out using three point bend, compression and impact tests. Specimens containing parallel sided notches of different root radii were loaded in three point bending in order to determine the effect of the fibers on the material fracture toughness in the presence of discontinuities. According to the results, while fiber reinforcement leads to a decrease in compressive strength, J-integral calculations at maximum load for the different notch root radii have indicated, particularly for the case of long fibers, a significant superiority of the reinforced material in comparison with the plain cement mortar, in consistence with the impact test data.

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