Olhares nomades sobre o aprendizado na arte da modelagem matematica no "Projeto Ciencia na Escola"




This research describes and analyses a process of mathematics learning by the modeling methodology, in the daily routine of a classroom, with the same students for a period of three years. The analysis was made by the philosophical point ofview, having its basis on theoretical assumptions by philosophers such as Silvio Gallo, Michel Foucault, Friedrich Nietzsche, Gilles Deleuze, among others. Our actions during this research was centered in the acquirement of knowledge with special attention devoted to the formation of the student, privileging situations which worked the development of attitudes of autonomy, &eedom with responsibility about their learning and, personal and colIective improvement. The pedagogical process was designed ITom problem happenings, in a research project together with teachers of diverse areas, where the convergence was made around subjects studied by the students. The mathematical model was used as a device to the connection and traflic among severallearning areas. The writing had an important role in this process, for this ability was assigned on the text writing, which could express their knowledge about mathematics, other knowledge areas, their wishes, proposal to the activities to be developed, and communication among the participants. Relevant aspects were analyzed ITom the student s texts which gave evidence of their involvement and learning. This study shows possibilities of studying contextualized formal knowledge, and modifying the organization ofthe school related to space and time


mathematics filosofia educação education modelagem modeling matematica philosophy

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