Ocurrence of Salmonella spp. in chain avian of the central region in Mato Grosso do Sul / Ocorrencia de Salmonella spp. na cadeia avícola da região central de Mato Grosso do Sul




The birds can constitute a vehicle of diffusion for other animal species and human beings, causing food borne outbreak for the consumption of products badly elaborated or conserved. In this context, one of the main microorganisms is the Salmonella that has caused constant concerns to the sanitary authorities given to the complexity and pathogenicity. Salmonelas is widely distributed bacteria in the nature that frequently parasites the digestory tract of domestic and wild animals. The objective of this study was to search the occurrence of the Salmonella spp. in swabs of drag and materials of slaughter and to verify the serovars more frequent of the central region in Mato Grosso do Sul. Had been analyzed 134 swab of drag in five different cities and 123 samples of broiler carcasses, viscerous that broiler and water of the slaughter. The results had demonstrated that in 29 (11,28%) of the 257 analyzed samples they had presented resulted positive for Salmonella, being five (1.94%) proceeding from field and twenty four (9.33%) of the slaughter. The serovars found had been: 1,16% for S. Enteritidis, 1,94% S. Typhimurium, 0,77% S. Senftenberg, 4,28% S. Schwarzengrund, 0,38% S. Livingstone, 1,55% S. Corvallis and 1,16% for Salmonella enterica subspécie enterica (O:4,5:-:1,2). The serovars Enteritidis and Typhimurium, important in the industrial poultry had been detected in the field and the slaughter. Procedures of control programs and analysis of risks in the chain productive for to keep the health of the lot and to reduce economic damages are essential, therefore to continue guaranteeing the image of the national poultry product, and to reduce potentials risks to the health human.


epidemiologia carcaças de frango serovars swab of drag suabe de arrasto saude animal (programas sanitarios) broiler carcasses epidemiology salmonella sorovares

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