Obtenção e caracterização de artefatos produzidos com resíduos elastoméricos vulcanizados




The aim of this study was to incorporate styrene-butadiene rubber (SBR) industrial scraps into a base formulation of identical composition used in the fabrication process of extruded profiles. Technical and environmental performance of the developed composites was evaluated. The scraps were collected and ground under ambient conditions. The powder obtained, SBR-r, was physically, thermally and chemically characterized. Nine composites with different proportions, varying from 10 to 90 phr (parts for hundred of rubber) of SBR-r were prepared and the results were compared with the control sample (base formulation with 0 phr of SBR-r). Thermal, rheometric, physical, mechanical, dynamic-mechanical and chemical properties of the SBR-r composites were evaluated before and after accelerated ageing. The environmental performance of the recycling process was determined by Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). The results indicated that the powder obtained was suitable for incorporation in new formulations. The thermal analysis of the compounds suggested that an interfacial particle-matrix interaction occurred. Rheometric properties were not significantly affected with the addition of SBR-r. The mechanical properties, such as tensile and tear strength, showed that up to 50 phr of SBR-r can be added without adversely affecting these properties. Dynamic-mechanical properties and the micrographs corroborated the mechanical results, indicating the homogeneity and a good adhesion between the scraps and the elastomeric matrix. The ageing effect led to a decrease in the mechanical properties, as a result of the increase in the stiffness of the material, related to the increase in the crosslink density. LCA results indicated a reduction in the life cycle impacts of the fabrication process with the recycling of scrap rubber, mainly due to the decrease in the consumption of raw materials from non-renewable resources.


resíduos elastoméricos vulcanizados processo de vulcanização copolímero de butadieno e estireno (sbr) resíduos engenharias

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