O valor econômico do carbono emitido pelo processo de desmatamento da Amazônia como instrumento de conservação florestal




We analyse in the this work the causes of deforestation of the Legal Amazonia and the environment subject present in the public policies for the region, including the Public Forests Management Law (Law 11.284/06), approved with the goal of regulating public forests management in Brazil and promoting the sustainable development. We discuss the Kyoto Protocols Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) problem regarding forest conservation. Through a hypothetical scenario of zero deforestation and 100% of the not emitted carbon linked to forest conservation projects, we calculate that an economic revenue equivalent to the logging activities could be obtained, contributing to the maintenance of the climatic equilibrium because of the reduced Greenhouse Gases emissions, as well as keeping preserved the biodiversity and environment services values related to the standing forest. Nevertheless, appropriate regulations should be planned and implemented to achieve the desired goal, and the solution proposed in this work is in the convergence of the international laws regulating carbon markets and the native tropical forests protection laws


amazônia conservação florestal forest conservation desmatamento -- aspectos ambientais -- amazonia sustainable development environmental economics biodiversity efeito estufa economia ambiental cdm mercado de carbono mdl politica ambiental -- amazonia carbon market global warming protocolo de kyoto economia ambiental florestas -- conservacao biodiversidade greenhouse effect amazonia economia aquecimento global floresta amazônica kyoto protocol deforestation desenvolvimento sustentável desmatamento amazon rainforest

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