O tratamento dado por livros didáticos ao conceito de derivada


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Research has shown that there are huge difficulties when it comes to the teaching and learning of Derivative and Integral Calculus, particularly Derivative. They have already pointed out some of the causes for such difficulties. The usage of the didactic book, for many times as a guide for the Calculus classes, may shorten the study of the Derivative to algorithms, without highlighting the core of this concept. For that reason, a research seeking to look into how didactic books approach this content has been chosen to be carried out. For such a task, support was both found on Duvals records of Semiotics Representation, and on Bardins Content Analysis. The analysis about the approach given to this theme was revamped, by taking into account three didactic books, focusing on their texts, enunciations of solved exercises, proposed exercises and other activities. An investigation was done on whether the authors articulate among the records of Semiotics Representation leading to the understanding of Derivative and verifying if there is emphasis on the Variation Rate. It is relevant to point out that these books are used as bibliographical references at several prominent Brazilian universities as part of their syllabus and that is why they were chosen as corpus for both analysis and reflection. By means of these analyses one might state that out of the three books which were analyzed, only one provides emphasis to the expression Variation Rate, since there is vast practical application of this Variation in several areas of knowledge, such as: Engineering, Physics and Biology, among others. It must be pointed out that the referred book is aimed at students at the Economy and Business Administration Courses and whose contents are approached in questions such as: cost, revenue, profit.margins that manipulate the Derivative directly as Variation Rate. The other two books, though not approaching the expression Variation Rate, lend the Derivative some treatment right from the Variation


matematica registros de representação derivada taxa de variação livro didático records of representation derivative variation rate didactic book

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